There are stages where couples are experiencing the dating relationship. In every stage, couples are making decisions either to end or move forward in the relationship.

Some states would be much longer than others, and some people will take a much longer time at each stage. There are not fully experiencing the process in each stage and taking it as the opportunity for health evaluation and personal growth about the relationship and themselves.

Stage 1: Attraction

Dating relationships are stating somewhere in attraction. The initial meeting can take place through friends, social groups, in church, bar, or at a party, internet, or many other places.

There are various areas of the meeting which will give opportunities for getting people to know each other. If there is enough interest or curiosity, then it will go to the next level which will involve the arrangement of the next meeting.

Stage 2: Curiosity, Infatuation, and Interest

In this stage, infatuation and interest mostly happen. Early attraction sometimes means physical attraction towards the partner and this can include things like the appearance of the body, type, personality traits, and interests. In this stage, the attraction will not be so deep,but both the partner is trying to put their best forward. The difference will not be been noticed and are been dismissed by the thoughts like she will change or not a big deal.

Stage 3: Becoming a Couple

During this stage, the hormones are calming down and then reality is setting in. The couple is going deeper in their connection. Trust is becoming stronger and the intimacies are been shared at this stage when the couple is taking out their best face and are acting very relaxed and natural.

Both partners will experience differences and weaknesses or flaws. Habits that are cute before will feel irritating. Issues like frugal or free-spending, sloppy or neat, interest in spending time together, or more interested in outdoor activities will emerge.

Stage 4: Engagement or Commitment

In this stage, the couple will have a very good understanding of their partner’s lifestyle, and their future goals. Their relationship will grow with their family and friends.

Honest and open conversations will happen, and the couple will plan their future together. The question of things like finances, children, careers, lifestyle, and future goals will be discussed. Both the partner will learn about their relationship and will handle differences very easily.